Thursday, June 30, 2016


I've been offered a few opportunities in the past week. An internship, an invite to a high-class network event. Compared to where I was a few months ago it is quite the progress. But besides being excited, I'm also nervous and maybe a little scared. What if I don't reach the requirements for the internship? Or what if I'm a terrible person at networking because I don't really have a clue about what I want?
Is this a side effect of my previous failures?

My first reaction when I read the email about the internship was to scream with joy. This was exactly what I wanted to do. A big international business and it would look perfect on my resumé. I began planning if I could work two jobs and still excel at both since the internship was unpaid and I do need a source of income.
The second thing I did was discuss this fabulous opportunity with my closest friends, could I do this? Could I pull off an extra 12-hour job? I went back and forth between the list of requirement and tasks and the conversations with my friends. After rereading the list of tasks I started to doubt myself. Could I really maintain relationships with journalists and business partners? With my fear of unknown people and failure. What if they didn't like my writing?
I'm probably not the right person, so...

The network event is also delivering me chills. It's a fun night, I can know since I've worked the event a few times as waitress. The guests are nice and the atmosphere is relaxed. This could serve as a really good opportunity to make some acquaintances for possible school-related internships. And besides, the guy that invited me is really nice and funny, so if I won't meet people, I'll still have a fun evening.

So, love, how about you put on some pants, keep your head high and have a fun night of networking while enjoying free food. O, and while you're at it, reply to the email. It's worth a shot!