Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Fear of Love, the Control on Life and Letting Go of These Both

What if the things we love are the things we fear most? This would mean we would almost not be able to love. Then what is left of loves fantasy? Luckily some people really are fearless. Or love is just not as fearing as we all think. Because all we look at in life is winning and losing. And who wants to see himself lose? Maybe that is why love hurts so much. We push away the people we love, so we won't get hurt, or lose, as people may see it! Maybe life and love would not be so hard is we would just take it as it comes. Let things happen and let our hearts get broken. Instead of trying to control every moment, making it all more painful for ourselves. Life is something we have to learn to accept. It will never go as we want it or planned it to go. We have to learn to let go and simply accepting hurt. It is our way of living. And we have only two options. Take it as it comes, letting the pain be and accept it. Or try  to control the pain, making it only more painful for ourselves. Maybe this is why sometimes it all seems unbearable. Because we try to let go but we still hold on. We need the feeling of being in control and even though we realize we cannot always be in control, we still try to hold on. After awhile we all explode. And we will start again. Trying to control and let it all go. But we cannot have both. And what if the path to happiness is by letting go of that control? We would all be missing out. Are we then not strong enough to face our fear of letting go? Are we simply not build for that or are we not able to see it? The way of letting go. Is this why we try to let go in other ways, find things in hope they make us happy? But it leaves us empty and the same. What is this secret of life? What is this hold on control? What are we willing to lose for the greater happiness? What are we willing to fight for? While not being afraid of losing, because then we will fight!

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