Sunday, March 2, 2014

Choices We Make

We all go through changes. Put what we knew all this time behind us and look for new versions of ourselves. Choices we make can be hard. Especially when we have to leave places or people we love behind. But the choices we make bring new adventures, new people and new places to love. If we don't try new things we might never know what we are missing out on. But we can also choose to run from the mess we created and the things we cannot handle.

If we keep running from the fight we'll never get into our position, our place in this world. What if the fight we are avoiding, is the fight that will get us to our goal? And we let that goal slip away because we are scared of the fight. Time to let that fear go, because we're all here with a purpose. A place, a job to fill. To get done. And even though we want to, we can never run from our problems. They will haunt us, follow us. Regretting how we ran away from it instead of facing this problem. We can never move forward if we don't let the past go. And we can never let the past go if it has unfinished business.

But with a new day, come new chances to make good choices.

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