Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It creeps up out of the nowhere.
Grabbing me in surprise.
How can I be happy one second and screaming the next?
His crippling presence shoots through my stomach leaving me sick to the bone.
I wanna tear my skin off, I need it to leave.
I feel like I'm covered under blankets and I can never get out, it slowly suffocates me, leaving me for dead.
I feel weak. My fingers barely move and my lungs barely fill up.
I could just stop it all together.
I would never have to be afraid again.
People pass in flashes but he stays.
He laughs at me, his hands are ice cold touching my skin.
It rips through my body.
I'm slowly drowning in deadlines I can never reach, I'm looking at all my mistakes lined up on paper, he is forcing me to read it, see it.
It makes me hate myself.

He has no right to dictate my life like this.
But he is so strong and I am so tired.

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